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Welcome to Facial Plastic Laser Surgery Center & MedSpa.  As the premier cosmetic surgery team in Peoria, IL, we deliver a truly one of a kind experience to keep yourself looking young and vibrant.  Whether you are looking for skin rejuvenation, relaxation, or cosmetic treatments, our expert physician and staff work together to educate and ensure a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere with you in mind.   We provide state of the art equipment, an exclusive skincare line, and professional guidance that will help you feel completely transformed after each and every visit.

Explore our array of professional treatments and customized services that best fit your needs.  From facials to laser resurfacing and so much more, we have something for everyone to enjoy. 

Facial Peels & Customized Facials

We will design a full, personalized skincare regimen for you to correct any issues you may be experiencing, such as pigmentation problems, telangiectasia, and sun damage.

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At Facial Plastic Laser Surgery Center and Med Spa our aestheticians use an antibacterial, antimicrobial, non-wax hair removal system that is recognized as the "gold standard" in hair removal.

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Laser Hair Reduction

Before laser treatments, hair removal was painful, costly, and temporary. Now, with new innovations, such as the Lightsheer Duet, all that has changed.

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Cosmetic Surgery Options

Our goal is to achieve excellent surgical results in a pleasant and comforting environment; using state-of-the-art surgical techniques to help you feel and look your best.

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Unrivaled Results, Past & Present

Our patients come from all over the area of Peoria, IL and beyond. Bloomington, Springfield, Galesburg, Decatur – each person that comes to us gets the individualized attention, superior service, and customized treatments they need to look and feel their best.

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Facial Plastic Laser Surgery Center & MedSpa has the experience, expertise, and treatment options no one else can offer. From laser tattoo removal to collagen inductions, diode therapies to microdermabrasions, we use the most sophisticated technology and most advanced techniques available to enhance, improve, and renew our patients’ minds and bodies.

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