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Comprehensive Skin Care Programs

Our MedSpa provides comprehensive, individualized skin care programs for our patients. A good skin care program is fundamentally important for vibrant, healthy skin and complexion. Skin care programs are also important for the prevention of degenerative disorders and skin cancer.

Our skin care programs utilize PCA SKIN® facial and body products including cleansers, moisturizers, pigment control agents and specialty serums, AHAs, retinoids, acne control agents, organic vitamins A and C, antioxidant products, and more. We also have retexturing programs that utilize PCA SKIN® peels and microdermabrasion using the DiamondTome microdermabrasion system.

For problems such as pigmentation, telangiectasia, sun damage or other skin issues, light-based treatments such as IPL photofacials, nonablative laser and LED therapies, are quite beneficial. We also recommend appropriate oral vitamins, purified fish oil supplements and an anti-aging diet.

Dr. Lansford and his staff will help you formulate an individualized skin care program based on your particular skin care concerns or needs.  If you would like more information on our skin care line, PCA SKIN® , please call or visit our office.

For more information concerning our skin care programs, or to schedule your personalized appointment with us, please call Facial Plastic & Laser Surgery Center & Med Spa at 309-589-3223.


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